Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Mama...what ARE you doing?"

Said T from the back porch. She was sporting a tutu, tiara, and a superhero cape. Me? I was mowing the lawn and getting after the underbrush with a weed eater...

You see... this was my first encounter with a weed eater. I had enough sense to put on tennis shoes, but I was wearing a terry sundress. Um, yeah, now I know why you need pants on for this sort of thing. Since all my jeans are packed away... I put on my riding chaps. Great solution!

I was really making progress...sporting crazier outfits as the morning wore on (I also know why yard guys wear long sleeves, sunglasses, hats, headbands,gloves, ect.) Then pop! Snap! There goes my neighbors weed eater. Because I am scared of an electric lawn mower, I was trying to weed eat the entire yard with a few laps on the push mower for good measure!

Well, tomorrow is another day, and I will try again. Here it's in the triple digits and I am done before a heat stroke. In the meantime, maybe the lawn boys will show up!

Doubtful...but a girl can dream!!


Henley on the Horn said...

You are hilarious! Please post pics of YOU while you were working!

Preppy Sue said...

Good for you, you are too funny!

I've mowed our lawn a few times, one of our neighbors told me that I was making the other wives in the neighborhood look bad :)