Friday, June 26, 2009

Good idea?

The pattern mentioned that is now ruined.

So, some of my Ralph Lauren bedding has some permanent damage thanks to the storms. Would it be crazy to chop up my now ruined Egyptian cotton duvet cover? I want to slipcover my outdoor cushions. And this area does not ever get wet or sun. Thoughts? My wicker furniture is tan.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everybody poops!

J just walked in wanting to know how to make his poop stop.

J:" Mama...I weally need to know how to stop da poop".

Me: "I don't really think you want that, buddy...You would get really sick"

J:"B-b-but it weeeely takes me a long time! And today I awmost missed Thomas! All because of da pesky poopin!"

Me: "I am going to blog about this so I can blackmail you as a teenager!"

J:"Da mail is white Mama...see dis envelope...silly Mama!"

And with that he ran off to bed.

"Mama...what ARE you doing?"

Said T from the back porch. She was sporting a tutu, tiara, and a superhero cape. Me? I was mowing the lawn and getting after the underbrush with a weed eater...

You see... this was my first encounter with a weed eater. I had enough sense to put on tennis shoes, but I was wearing a terry sundress. Um, yeah, now I know why you need pants on for this sort of thing. Since all my jeans are packed away... I put on my riding chaps. Great solution!

I was really making progress...sporting crazier outfits as the morning wore on (I also know why yard guys wear long sleeves, sunglasses, hats, headbands,gloves, ect.) Then pop! Snap! There goes my neighbors weed eater. Because I am scared of an electric lawn mower, I was trying to weed eat the entire yard with a few laps on the push mower for good measure!

Well, tomorrow is another day, and I will try again. Here it's in the triple digits and I am done before a heat stroke. In the meantime, maybe the lawn boys will show up!

Doubtful...but a girl can dream!!

Chivalry Lives On!

An excerpt from "Forgetful Gentlemen" by Jennifer Von Reuter, NBC 29

Two former UVA students are taking what they learned in business school and cashing in. The company is called "Forgetful Gentleman" and its product helps men remember special events and send handwritten notes. Inside a cigar box are cards, envelopes with stamps and even tips on writing the perfect message.

"What we've found for a lot of men, they have great intentions but their busy lives kind of get in the way and so things like remembering to send hand written correspondence kind of fall to the way side," said co-founder Nathan Tan.

Tan and Brett Nicol are recent graduates of the Darden School of Business at UVA. They founded their company out of the school's entrepreneurship program, where they're getting help from professors
Thanks to Taylor from Tucker Blair!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Howdy Y'all!

Cicada Killer

So, I know that I have been M.I.A., lately...Summer has picked a fight with me, and Summer is winning. The heat is ON y'all, and I am not loving it so much. We are already in the triple digits and it is only June!!

Along with the heat, we have a major wasp issue around here. I mean a ton, as in 17 nests from dirt dobbers, to the scary black ones who chase you back into the house to a yellow jacket nest that I still can't find... The ickiest part is J is allergic and the last thing I want to do is deal with an epi-pen. Shudder....

Back to wild kingdom in our backyard. Cicada Killers, once I really researched, they don't sting, and they are pretty funny bugs. They fly right up to you, give you a once over, and when they determine you are not a cicada, they go on to the car, trashcan, flowerpot, and do the same thing.
I can promise you this, none of us will be wearing all green in the backyard anytime soon!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kingdom Builders!!

What a ham!! And J is in heaven, holding a big girls hand!

The little crosses they made.

T's FAVORITE junior guide.

Last week was the twins VBS, and they loved it! I did too, for the first time they actually recalled what they did during the day.

That's all I have for now, due to the fact that I am still trying to salvage all of my linens that were casualties of the flood in my garage/overflow of stuff/storage space. Losses so far?

1. Ralph Lauren Guinevere duvet cover.

2. 4, yes 4 complete sets of coordinating sheets!

3. 1 down duvet

4. 200 cocktail napkins

Sigh....I have only scratched the surface

Friday, June 12, 2009

Da lightning hit da house!!!!

The park by our house. The water is WAAAY up, around 16 feet.

A street in Lakewood.

So, yesterday, we had some horrible flooding in Big D. Yes, lightning everywhere, and straight storms. No drizzle here, STORMS for well over 12 hours. J was home from VBS because he had been sick, and it took me THREE hours to get to T! If it wasn't flooding, then there were down power lines or a downed tree. No kidding. I was on my way to run errands when BOOM, and yes lightning hit the transformer box behind our house and sent electrical cables flying!! Then of course we lost power. J is obsessed also, because he is convinced that lightning hit our house.

Back to the box. Now you look up to see it and there is nothing there. NOTHING. And to make matters worse, the rolled up the power lines and just taped them to the pole as if to say... "they are out of the way, we will get to them when we get to them" GREEEAT! Day two of no power and I just stocked the deep freeze!! (Which I had to unplug anyway, because the garage was flooding BIG time) Anyway, I told another Mom I share a board position with, and guess what? They leave tomorrow for their summer home in Italy!!! And they have both a deep freeze like ours, and a fridge/freezer combo!!!! Well not a moment too soon did I pack up 30, yes 30 bags of groceries and high tailed it over there. Really a few more hours and everything would have been ruined.

So, here I am at my Mom's house until the power comes back!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Potato

J is sick with who knows what. Every few hours..."MaaaaMAAAA! Come cuddle wis' me." So I would sleepwalk into his bed and "OUCH!!! Hot, buddy!!"

Fast forward to today "Mama, I don't need dat pedia stuff' cuz I am not sick cuz' I don't have a fever!!" (Insert him sighing here) He does not get that he is only better when he doesn't need the meds anymore!( Insert me sighing here!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy cow!!

A dancer from the Dallas Metropolitan Ballet

So,T had her recital on Saturday, and while the itty bitties did fine, I was NOT impressed by the older kids. Some of these girls had been dancing with this studio for 15 years and I could not get past the horrible posture these girls had!

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, next door girly girl J, had HER recital. NIGHT and DAY people!! Even the little ones were amazing. So now T will hopefully start at the Etgen-A. school of ballet. This school turns out beautiful dancers and feeds directly into D.M.B. I don't expect for T to become a principal ballerina, but I want her to have the foundation...just in case!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We asked

T if she was nervous about her recital, her response? "No, because I am just so very good and I know ALL the moves." Ha ha ha. She stood up there, and except or a wiggle here and there, deer in the headlights!!

Thanks Mrs. Fussypants...

This song/dance reminds me of my cheerleading days!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wonderful Friends

So, at play date on Friday, I was very frank about our situation. How we had no warning, ect.

Today, digging through my bag, money hidden everywhere, from my sunglass case, to my cell phone case!!!