Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi everybody!!!

I am so sorry I have been away, but my computer crashed, and we have not replaced it yet!! I am at My Mother's right now, so I thought I would hop on and say "Hi!"

The twins turned FIVE yesterday!! I still am baffled at how my little babies are getting so big!! It seems like yesterday that we were looking at them in their incubators in NICU. We are truly blessed with these beautiful babies... or I guess now they are truly little kids.

Well, we have a HUGE birthday party planned for Sunday, and I promise to post pictures. You will all be amazed at how big they are both getting. J is now in a size 7!! Can you believe it? And T is just right for her age at a size 5. I just love those smocked dresses for her... she can wear them for ages!!! O.K. everyone, time to sign off, and try to find some really cute pictures from the fair to show you. Have a happy and warm day!!!