Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have fished out the cutest seersucker sailor suit that my brother had when he was J's age, and I found the most adorable matching dress for T in pink. Unfortunately, everyone I have shown it to does not see the "Bobbsey Twins", they ask why I am dressing them in Church clothes for Halloween!!

So, I found the most beautiful pink long sleeve Guinevere dress for T. What should J wear? He has his heart set on a pumpkin, but I think this is the last year I can "talk" him into dressing like his twin. He already was prince charming last year. I am a bit stumped. Hmmm, we will see!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not in MY lifetime baby boy!

So J and I watched the above movie on Disney Chanel tonight. At the beginning of the movie, the kids ghosts are doing fun tricks. You will never believe what came out of his mouth!

"Wow Mama, I wanna be a ghost for Halloween."
Me: "Sure, we can do that."
"No, no costume, I jus' wanna be a REAL ghost. I don't want a mask or anything."
Me: "Well, that's going to be a hard sell without a costume."
"No, I wanna be a REAL ghost. I wanna go outside, stand in the street get hit by a car and be dead. Then I will be a real ghost and I can do those fun trick!"

Then I picked myself up off the floor. I calmly (as calm as I could be under the circumstances) explained that if he got dead there is no coming back. No more Mommy hugs, or ice cream, or school, or anything. Thankfully, in the movie the kids are really missing their parents, so I think he got the point.

Then at bedtime I explained that only God decides when, where, and how we die. And that if you decide it for yourself, and do something to make yourself die on purpose, you will not go to Heaven. You will not get to go and live with Jesus, and God.

Do you think I explained it right? I am pretty freaked out about it.

Rain, rain, go away!!

It is raining AGAIN here in the big D. No kidding, this is truly crazy weather. And J is home sick again!! Ugh.

On the bright note? I am really getting good use of the cute rain boots that I bought the family!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Mooned...

So, keep in mind that I closely monitor what the twins watch on T.V. (I have it monitored to G rated ONLY. And, on the Web, they can only access educational sites.

Last night I told the twins it was time to go to bed. They both ran obediently and put their Pajamas on. Then T ran in, and with an truly evil grin... turned around and MOONED me!!! "This is what I think about going to bed Mama!" she squealed. J was right behind her with his hands on his pajama bottoms, until he saw my face. I calmly looked at her and told her to show Daddy what she just did, and tell him to deal with her. Then I ran outside and cracked up. I am sorry, it was so rude, but so unlike T that I lost it!!

And Paul calmly explained why that was rude, and shamed her so badly that she even apologised to me this morning. The power of the "I am not mad, just very disappointed..."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Strange Days

So, The twins never "officially" came down with swine, but my headache tells me otherwise. For one solid week... "Mamaaaaaa! My bones are ache'in, my head hurts, I just hurt all over!!!" I really am convinced they had some sort of the flu, but only J developed a fever. Very strange. I did talk to a neighbor who is a GP (General Practitioner) and she told me that it is very likely that they did indeed have the flu, just a light strain.

Well, they are better now, and bored to tears. I have to constantly pull them off each other. Who knew that my otherwise "best friends" would result in killing each other while I step out of the room to do dishes? Geesh!! Back to school tomorrow!

Speaking of... BYE!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I spoke too soon...

J just developed a fever... and it is climbing fast!!! Off to the Dr. once again!

Hello from Swineland!!

O.k. Not really. Very strange, the twins have ALL the symptoms of the flu. Just no fever!! Isn't that weird?? I guess I should be happy, but instead I am just stumped.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swine flu...

The kids have been sick... the Dr. said he is 99.9% sure it is the swine flu. So for the next few days we are in isolation until they either...
a. feel better, and their symptoms go away.
b. they develop a fever and go and get tested to confirm the Dr.'s suspicions.


Friday, October 9, 2009

And then they regressed...

so the kids have grown a TON in the last two weeks. J is 2 sizes larger alone!! Really kinda freaking me out. They are not babies anymore for sure!! Also in the last two weeks they have regressed to the behavior of two year olds. Hmmmm let me give you a run down.

Well, I already told y'all about the little party that they had with the wine glasses and Dr. Pepper. On another morning, (I think it was Tuesday) they just made a HUGE mess in the middle of the night. On Wednesday evening, we sat them down and explained in detail the horror of punishments that would be their consequences should they get up again...

Well, they didn't make a mess. They got out my favorite Lilly pink nail polish, and painted EACH OTHERS fingers and toes. Ha ha ha. I am laughing now about it because they didn't get polish on anything. They actually had the thought to grab an old towel and polish on top of that so they wouldn't make a mess!!

Well, now I am off to make dinner. Spaghetti anyone?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Party Time...

Soooo sometime last night between us going to bed, and waking up this morning, the twins had a party. We are going to a party for MC and her baby brother W today.

There is a "Happy Birthday" banner taped to the wall. Streamers everywhere. In addition...

The kids decided that since I had not wrapped the presents yet, they needed to. They also felt the need to wrap half the toys in their playroom too. Very sweet that J wrapped all his favorite Thomas trains and coaches. Very sweet that T wrapped up her favorite Barbies.

ALL of my wrapping paper, grosgrain ribbons and tape wasted and scattered all over my living room? GRRRRR.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Just my luck...

Yesterday morning I woke up really horse, but feeling fine. Fast forward to 2 p.m. and I am taking the twins to get flu shots. Driving along I start to feel super sick. So sick that we take my healthy kids to the sick side. For their Flu shots.

And now I am pretty sure that I have it. Even worse, even after I quarantined myself to the couch. T is now horse. And she has a cough. I am going in the morning to get us tested. Hopefully J stays well. With his asthma...I shudder.