Monday, October 19, 2009

Strange Days

So, The twins never "officially" came down with swine, but my headache tells me otherwise. For one solid week... "Mamaaaaaa! My bones are ache'in, my head hurts, I just hurt all over!!!" I really am convinced they had some sort of the flu, but only J developed a fever. Very strange. I did talk to a neighbor who is a GP (General Practitioner) and she told me that it is very likely that they did indeed have the flu, just a light strain.

Well, they are better now, and bored to tears. I have to constantly pull them off each other. Who knew that my otherwise "best friends" would result in killing each other while I step out of the room to do dishes? Geesh!! Back to school tomorrow!

Speaking of... BYE!!

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martha - ca knitter said...

That's great news about the twins! So sorry about your headaches.
One thing that may occupy the twins for a while is this nifty website for kids. It teaches kids how to read. If you have a computer you can log on to I hope it helps and if you need more websites, let me know. :-)