Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have the body...

of a 20 year old!!

Really, no high blood pressure or anything!! After I get my blood work back we will know more about the rash.

Oh, and I took the needle like a champ.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I have a strange rash all over my mid section. I think I may be allergic to my IUD!! I have been dealing with this on and off for years, and now it comes every day. First I start feeling weird, then the rash. I also swell up huge around the middle. Like up 4 sizes. I am going to the Dr. on Thursday. I am already panicking.

Because of how much I was poked when I was in the hospital, I freak out now. Remember, I was on hospital bed rest for MONTHS with the twins, and had a horrible botched I.V. needle change. I simply cannot handle having blood drawn. Last time they tried, I truly lost it.

Weird? Anyone else had this happen?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I have done this week...

18 loads of laundry.

12 home made meals.

1 authentic African salad, for T's culture week.

1 African recital, followed by party.

1 reading at story time.

2 authentic Native American dishes.

1 little Indian recital, followed by party.

7 home made snacks for 12 kiddo's.

2 play dates.

5 trips to Newflower and Whole Foods, kids in tow. (Don't even get me started on this one)

And finally...playroom, and kids bedrooms cleaned just the way "Mommy likes it"

Paul: "I really know you are busy...but I am tired of tripping over the vacuum cord. Can't you put it away?"

"UMMMM, Yeah, Jack***! I am only one woman, and when we down sized and removed the cleaning service, so did the last of my sanity! So back off, and put it away yourself, if it bothers you!"

Paul is now at work with tail between his legs thinking about his actions. Can you ground your husband?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My goodness!

Basically the movie is the EXACT same thing as the Planet Earth series. So I feel a little ripped off. If Disney wasn't planting 3 trees on our behalf, I would file a complaint.

Now on to one of the funniest things J has ever done. If you remember the series, there is a part where the baby walrus is hiding under his Mommy, and the starving polar bear is trying to pry the Mom off of his "lunch".

J freaked out. "I'm SCAWED! That mean beaw is huwting da MOMMY, and is gonna eat da baby! OH NO RUUUUN!! COME ON EWERBODY! RUUUUN!"

As he tears out of his seat, runs down the stairs, down the hall, busts open the double doors, down the next hall through the lobby and to the elevator. All this from the kid who told me "Don't be scawed Mommy" when I had covered my eyes earlier.

So, after I told him that don't worry, the Daddy walrus stabs the bear, and the bear goes away, he seemed o.k. I hope I haven't traumatized him!


As the proud Mama of babies who survived incredible odds stacked against them, I think this is a PERFECT first movie at the theatre!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Overheard last night

T: "Hey J? How bout after our bath we get up on the roof and kinda slide down?"

J:"Yeah, T, that sounds bout wight, we could jus woll, and woll, and den?"

T: "Mama can stand at the bottom and catch us!"

J: "Oh, T, that sounds jus wunderful!"

Me:"If I so much as even catch you with a ladder..."

T: "Hmmmm, I was trying to figure out how we was gonna get up there!"


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Newflower Farmers Market

Crazy cheap produce. Like 1/4 of the price. You just have to get past the aesthetics since we have all been spoiled by Whole Foods and Central Market. Ha ha ha

How cheap? Umm... ruby red grapefruit for 10 cents a piece. And 4 HUGE lemons for a dollar!

Newflower Farmers Market

1800 North Henderson Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Wook!! KIKEN!

Greaaaat, they escaped their box. And all three are obsessed with running after the twins. Oh, I hope they live four more weeks without any major injuries. So far....

NO! The kitten does not need a bath!

NO! The kitten does not want to play dress up!

STOP! Slowly put the kitten down....

This is gonna be a long afternoon. I really wish I had not sold the baby gates.

Note to self

Boil only 12 eggs next year.

Tell bunny thanks for being "healthy", but next year no goldfish and trail mix in the plastic eggs around the house. I just stepped out of the shower to a crunch followed by a soggy mess. Yuck.

STOP trying to get mean lady around the corner to like me. And certainly not after a glass of wine on an empty tummy. Ugh, I just know if she got to know me, she would see how fabulous I am!!
*Also, does she really need to judge me because T was wearing her princess dress to the playground? She is 4 people!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

The Church we attend.

We woke up at 7 with the twins giddy over their baskets. So much so, that they still have not gone "hunting" for eggs around the house. It was raining, so bunny did not hide any outside.

Then we went to St. Michael's for the 11 a.m. service and we were early! Since we have been going up there on Wednesday's as well as Sunday's I really feel at home! I have so many church friends, as do the twins, from children's choir and Sunday school.

I was chatting away with our next door neighbor when I spy Kappa Prep from Monograms and Manicures.
She looked adorable, and maybe she will call SMAA home.

Well, for some reason I get really weepy at our Easter Service every year, and this year was no exception. It is always so pretty, and as soon as the trumpets start, so do the waterworks. Ha ha ha. Oh, and I must say, I was so proud of my kiddo's during communion! They both recited the WHOLE Lord's prayer, they both bowed/ curtsied leaving and coming from our pew, and they crossed themselves after we took our communion!

Then we came home, had lunch, and went to the Hollywood Heights Easter Parade. Fun and cute!

How was your Easter?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Eggs are filled, and out. Some very close calls as I was filling said eggs with the twins not yet asleep!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have to say, this economy stinks, and it is finally hitting home! Paul is not doing well AT ALL, since no one on this planet is buying!!!

The twins birthday party may not be in our future. My "carnival" theme may not be much of a "carnival" after all...Hmmmm I am super creative and resourceful, I wonder how I can pull this off?

Friday, April 10, 2009

What a ....

Someone from Paul's office stole his flash drive out of his office, so no pictures or video that I promised.

On another note, my friend that I have known since age 3, lives in the area of Italy that was hit by the earthquake and no one has heard from her.

***Update...A is o.k.!!! Whew!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lakewood/M streets Car Jackings

All my Dallas readers, please read. I just became aware of this and want you all to stay safe! This is a verbatim letter from the police chief.

I know there is a lot of concern regarding the recent individual robberies that have occurred in and/around your neighborhoods. This is an update to the bulletin I sent at 4:00 pm. I want to clarify some misinformation that is being distributed through private individuals' email networks that I've received since so please share the following with them:

A carjacking incident involving a wf/35 occurred today approximately 1:25 p.m. in the 6300 block of Martel Avenue. There were no other robberies today in this area. The driver had her 7 y/o daughter and 9 y/o son in the vehicle when she was backing out of her driveway into the rear alley. She exited vehicle to move a trash container when the suspect approached her and was wearing an orange/yellow reflective work type vest over dark blue sweatshirt. Suspect had a toy chrome handgun that we recovered at the location after the complainant struggled with the suspect since he was driving away with her children in the vehicle. The suspect did allow the children to exit the vehicle. There were no injuries. Suspect fled in complainant's vehicle - 2005 Green Ford Expedition. He matches the description of eight previous incidents since February 5th that have occurred in Central, Northeast, Southwest, and one possibly out of town. Several of the vehicles have been recovered in South Central Division.

There was information being distributed that there was another offense today and that it occurred at Stonewall Jackson Elementary and that is not the case. There were concerns of the elementary school being in lockdown but the principal can make that decision for student safety reasons, however, the incident did not occur near the school.

Further Suspect description is: Black Male, 35-50, 5'8" - 6'2", 160-180 pounds. Suspect may be unshaven with a little gray and have missing or gaps in teeth. Also please confirm any additional information with the Dallas Police Department before distribution and we'll keep you posted on any updates.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Well, I have so many funny pictures and video's for y'all, but Paul can't seem to remember to bring home the camera cord! So here is what's up with the Pettit family.

Paul has decided to go back to school. Yup, and undergrad too. He wants to accomplish an undergrad degree in finance, then do an executive MBA. All while working 70 hours a week. Hmmmmm.

T has a double ear infection...AGAIN. Ugh, if this continues I see tubes in her future.

J learned how to drive stick shift this weekend while watching Paul in the roadster he drove this weekend. Yeah, on the way to school this morning J tried to "shift" into second while I was going 40 down Garland Ave.

***Note: yes the car is a two seat er, but has a booster seat sensor, so the airbag is off, thus safe.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"The snake needs hair"

I just walked into the playroom as T is snipping away her hair. Yup, like it's no big deal. After my gasp she looks up with an "I just got busted" look. I walked in the nick of time. Her next cut was going to be a fistful next to her forehead.

Because her hair is wavy it is kinda hard to tell. Whew!

Oh, and why? Because the snake she drew needed some hair.

Not much to say...

Just Dentist appointments, and hair cuts. But I have a flipping hilarious video of J for y'all. I will have Paul bring home the download cord.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Container Store

How cute is this? Only $9.99!

Lawn idiots...

took a weed eater to my vegetable garden. The ENTIRE thing. They even went through the tomato cages and sweet pea trellises. I am so upset I can hardly type!