Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Note to self

Boil only 12 eggs next year.

Tell bunny thanks for being "healthy", but next year no goldfish and trail mix in the plastic eggs around the house. I just stepped out of the shower to a crunch followed by a soggy mess. Yuck.

STOP trying to get mean lady around the corner to like me. And certainly not after a glass of wine on an empty tummy. Ugh, I just know if she got to know me, she would see how fabulous I am!!
*Also, does she really need to judge me because T was wearing her princess dress to the playground? She is 4 people!


Mom x 2 said...

This post made me laugh.

Did this mean woman actually comment negatively on your child's outfit? I hate people like that. Last week at the park one mom went on and on about another little girl's outfit because the girl had a patterned dress, patterned tights (that didn't match) and a patterned bike helmet. I can never understand people saying things about children. If you don't have anything kind to say, shut up! :-)

College Prepster said...

My mom used to let me wear my dress up shoes to the grocery store. The plastic heels were way too big for my tiny feet, but I loved clomping around the tile. I LOVE my mom for just letting me be happy in my heels!

The B Family said...

Princess dresses to the playground! Tutus to preschool! Mis-matched clothes to the grocery store! My little brother used to want to "wear" a mustache to the grocery store and my mom happily drew one on with eyebrow pencil. Precious memories! My 5 year old went through a stage where she threw a tutu on over every outfit. MOST people thought it was adorable. My 2 year old wore her Cinderella dress to church a few weeks ago. Easter Sunday? Maybe not. An ordinary day? Why not! The fact that she was confidently strutting around feeling as beautiful as a princess was priceless. I never understand why some people get so concerned about their children's PLAY clothes. Is it really a big deal? No, it's SMALL stuff! I think it's a great way to let them have an opportunity to make some choices, exercise some independence and creativity. Don't let them get to you!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up Miss Preppy, too funny! The woman clearly has no taste and no sense of humor is she hasn't recognized the vast benefits of friendship with you! Harrumph!