Friday, April 3, 2009

"The snake needs hair"

I just walked into the playroom as T is snipping away her hair. Yup, like it's no big deal. After my gasp she looks up with an "I just got busted" look. I walked in the nick of time. Her next cut was going to be a fistful next to her forehead.

Because her hair is wavy it is kinda hard to tell. Whew!

Oh, and why? Because the snake she drew needed some hair.


Gracie Beth said...

I never cut my own hair...but I did chop my cousin's hair off!

Martha in California said...

Most kids would draw the hair, but it sounds like T is not most kids...this is a sign of a true artist/child prodigy. :-)
I have a friend whose daughter kept cutting her hair at school. She finally told her daughter if she did it again (happened 2 years in a row), her long hair was going to be chopped off. Guess what the kid did? Needless to say her daughter finally learned her lesson at the age of 8.

Kappa Prep said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad you caught her!!!