Friday, June 12, 2009

Da lightning hit da house!!!!

The park by our house. The water is WAAAY up, around 16 feet.

A street in Lakewood.

So, yesterday, we had some horrible flooding in Big D. Yes, lightning everywhere, and straight storms. No drizzle here, STORMS for well over 12 hours. J was home from VBS because he had been sick, and it took me THREE hours to get to T! If it wasn't flooding, then there were down power lines or a downed tree. No kidding. I was on my way to run errands when BOOM, and yes lightning hit the transformer box behind our house and sent electrical cables flying!! Then of course we lost power. J is obsessed also, because he is convinced that lightning hit our house.

Back to the box. Now you look up to see it and there is nothing there. NOTHING. And to make matters worse, the rolled up the power lines and just taped them to the pole as if to say... "they are out of the way, we will get to them when we get to them" GREEEAT! Day two of no power and I just stocked the deep freeze!! (Which I had to unplug anyway, because the garage was flooding BIG time) Anyway, I told another Mom I share a board position with, and guess what? They leave tomorrow for their summer home in Italy!!! And they have both a deep freeze like ours, and a fridge/freezer combo!!!! Well not a moment too soon did I pack up 30, yes 30 bags of groceries and high tailed it over there. Really a few more hours and everything would have been ruined.

So, here I am at my Mom's house until the power comes back!!


Henley on the Horn said...

Bless your hearT! I need to check on my Dallas friend who has a new baby. That is INCREDIBLE> I've never seen it flood in Dallas!

Gracie Beth said...

Oh no! I hope everything clears up ASAP!

Preppy Little Dress said...

Yikes, I heard about that crazy flooding! I am sure everything will return to normal soon! :)

Tickled Pink And Green said...

OMG!! You got it bad! We lost power for 2 hours but that's all. Good luck to you all!

The Hayden Family said...

Hi! I live in Fort Worth and we also received all that crazy weather last week. Glad y'all are okay. And my heart goes out to you and your family during these tough times. We are having similar trouble in these strange and difficult times. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.