Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy cow!!

A dancer from the Dallas Metropolitan Ballet

So,T had her recital on Saturday, and while the itty bitties did fine, I was NOT impressed by the older kids. Some of these girls had been dancing with this studio for 15 years and I could not get past the horrible posture these girls had!

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, next door girly girl J, had HER recital. NIGHT and DAY people!! Even the little ones were amazing. So now T will hopefully start at the Etgen-A. school of ballet. This school turns out beautiful dancers and feeds directly into D.M.B. I don't expect for T to become a principal ballerina, but I want her to have the foundation...just in case!

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Anonymous said...

That is an extraordinary photo, I just love it! (I danced for years, so I'm partial.) Hope your T does the new school you are thinking of!