Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Wow. I really need to see this film. When my parents lived in England, they had a housekeeper who was a victim of the Holocaust. They did medical experiments on her, and my parents could hear her at night wailing in her sleep. So, from these stories I have been fascinated with the holocaust ever since.

I have seen all sides. My first roommate's grandfather was one of the highest rated officials in the Gestapo. Apparently, you went along, or you were imprisoned along with you entire family. It was interesting to hear her Mom talk abut it because her Mom was the little girl in the posters with the braids handing Hitler the flowers.

Later, I dated a Jewish boy whose grandparents on both sides had been imprisoned. What amazing stories they had. To be so brave, so young.

I am happy that we have two children who I will raise to see the person. Not the color, or race, or religion.


The Shabby Princess said...

I just saw a commerical for that last night and it looks stunning. We are very close with a man who lived through it too--he was sent off to Nazi camp at a young age--of course, so young that he (and the rest) had no idea. Luckily, he wasn't there for long, and spent the rest of his youth trying to survive... then rebuilding his little village. He spoke to a group of younger teens recently, and I of course was bawling my eyes out--we are so lucky to live in this country...

SPG said...

I want to watch the film too. but first i want to read the book, my brother has read the book and he said that was fantastic.
Kisses from SPG

Belle-ah said...

That does look like a good movie (though a hard one!).