Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nasty Neighbor

So, we are renting the house we are living in, and I realise that sometimes you have to deal with headaches. But not THIS headache!

The owners rent out the back house to a nasty, nasty spinster. She was nice, until Paul and I spent a weekend landscapng and weeding the yard. By lease standards, OUR yard. The huge yard that we pay ALOT to have mowed every week. Well, she went crazy. She said we killed "her" plants and has been nasty ever since. Even nasty enough that the twins don't like to play in the backyard when she is out.

First of all, ummm what? "Her" plants? She isn't paying thousands to live here. She is more than welcome to pick up the bill for the yard. Then she can do as she pleases. But she doesn't. She has a tiny yard that is fenced off just for her. This yard looks like something out of Sampson and Son. Weeds everywhere with junk in between.

Today was the last straw. After finally getting the twins down for a nap I hear "BOOM BOOM BOOM" on our backdoor. Great, kids are up again. She started yelling at me because my outdoor cat killed "her" birds. Ummmm, again, what? She now owns the wildlife too? Now I don't want the cat killing birds either, but really, you must be kidding. She said My cats got into "her" yard (at least she got that one right), and what was I going to do about it? I just kinda stood there and put the cat next to me inside.

What should I do? I am really angry.

Oh, and BTW, there was NOT a dead bird. I have been hunting, I know how many feathers are involved in a bird death. Not one feather anywhere!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I would be making several complaints to my landlord if I were you! Good luck with that situation!

Preppy Pettit said...

Oh he is having a talk with her tomorrow.

Allison said...

I imagine her bad attitude could be fueled by the fact that she's jealous of your family. If you have a very generous heart and can move past her nastiness (not sure I could), some homemade cookies or another nice gesture could entice her to at least be civil.

preppy little dress said...

OMG...she needs a serious chill pill! I love it, your cats killed her birds! Whatever, I had a HORRID neighbor like that back at our house in Michigan. She was psycho and didn't get along with ANYONE on the block! Sorry about that!

ms. mindless said...

yuck-o. nasty neighbor drama can be so draining because you cannot forget about it. every time you step outside your door, you are confronted with it. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh now, that is really a bit over the top, the pounding on the door accompanied by the accusatory statements. Perhaps next time you can offer her a little Prozac Latte...?!

Grins and giggles for the week to come!

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh noo! I'm so sorry. Bad neighbors are the worst. I hope your landlord gets everything taken care of.