Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tooth ache

(Demi Moore toothless)

So, I am finally getting work done on Friday, and then I will have one less molar...but hopefully I will feel better. Very frustrated on trying to get the "incident" resolved before getting any work done. My Dad insisted I get a move on, take out a Medical loan, and deal with everything else later.

I must say, having my Father as a well known and respected surgeon growing up, I took health care for granted. Wow, what a difference when you can no longer say "Hi, I am Dr. J's daughter, and I need ..." And poof! All taken care of. I do still get great perks if I (or the kids) need an emergency taken care of. Years ago, when T was 2 and had a horrible head injury needing stitches, the e.r. staff were waiting for us (well, my parents, because I was passed out when they left). She was rushed in and given top priority. Hey, did I ever post about that day? I two year old, a winter muff, and metal edging on a neighbor's lawn do NOT mix!

More later...I see that I am rambling so my Vicodin must me kicking in. Ha ha *OUCH* ha

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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Good luck. You will do great.