Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fifth!

Here is a picture of T with her Grandpop, (my Dad) after she decided she did NOT want to ride her bike in the parade. She threw a first class fit after she saw a beauty queen was riding in a convertible . She threw her sparkle tiara off her head saying it was not sparkly enough. Fine...I gave her to my Dad to deal with the hot mess I am sure I somehow created, and went back to our LECPTA float.

On the other side of the street, J was pulling the same sort of business with Paul, and was asked to not participate, but to watch this year....Sigh.

The plus side to T's fluffy tutu that she asked me to "Pweeeease make for me so I can be a pretty Fourth of July princess"?

She and J scored a TON of candy!!!!


pink green & southern said...

She looks adorable!!! When someone told Pinkie she looked like a fourth of July princess, she looked at them, in all seriousness, and said "That's because I am."

MaryBeth said...

How adorable is she? Very nice picture of her and grandpa.