Friday, July 24, 2009

For all of you with Facebook pages...

IMPORTANT - Facebook has agreed to let a third party advertiser use your posted pictures without your permission. To disable this (and keep your uploaded images from being used by others) Click on SETTINGS up where you see the log out link. Select PRIVACY SETTINGS. Select NEWS FEEDS AND WALL. Select the tab that reads FACEBOOK ADS. There is a drop down box, select NO ONE. Save your changes.


KK said...

Oh thank you so much! I'll do this tonight!!

Preppy Little Dress said...

I had a couple of friend email me about this, what will they think of next?

martha - ca knitter said...

Did you know this happens on flickr, too? Anyone can use your children's portraits for ads and they have in the past. I think flickr has a similar no-copy and paste security setting.
Thanks for the heads-up.

The Pink Owl said...

Thank you soooo much for this info! I will be changing this immediately!

Lisa said...


Debunking Rumors about Advertising and Photos

In the past couple of days, a rumor has begun spreading that claims we have changed our policies for third-party advertisers and the use of your photos. These rumors are false, and we have made no such change in our advertising policies.

If you see a Wall post or receive a message with the following language or something similar, it is this false rumor:

FACEBOOK has agreed to let third party advertisers use your posted pictures WITHOUT your permission.

The advertisements that started these rumors were not from Facebook but placed within applications by third parties. Those ads violated our policies by misusing profile photos, and we already required the removal of those deceptive ads from third-party applications before this rumor began spreading.

We are as concerned as many of you are about any potential threat to your experience on Facebook and the protection of your privacy. That's why we prohibit ads on Facebook Platform that cause a bad user experience, are misleading, or otherwise violate our policies. Along with removing ads, we've recently prohibited two entire advertising networks from providing services to applications on Facebook Platform because they were not compliant with our policies and failed to correct their practices.