Monday, July 27, 2009

The good news is...

My tooth feels GREAT! Like nothing ever happened. As in "Tooth fracture? What tooth fracture?"

This is where the bad news comes in....
While coming off of my anesthesia, I bit my cheek. Actually, I butchered my cheek so badly that I now have a mouth full of stitches. The entire office and every Dentist in the practice came in to look. The senior Dentist told Paul it was the worst bite he has seen in 30 years of practice. I even have muscle damage. I don't remember a thing. THANK GOODNESS! The last thing I remember is telling the nurse that the anesthesia wasn't kicking in, so she better turn it up a notch.

Next thing I know is it's 3 a.m. Saturday morning and I woke up in PAIN. As in worse than my c-section pain. So what does Paul do when I ask him what happened?

"Paige, it was awful! You jumped up off the chair and were dancing around the room. When they tried to get you to sit down you cursed them. That was when you spit out those white cotton things and bit your cheek. When you saw the blood you passed out, and that's when they did the stitches. Oh, and by the way...they asked for you to see another office for your follow up. Classy, Paige, real classy."

Paul let me believe this until I woke up again and was asking him what I should send with an apology note- fruit basket or flowers. "Paige! I made that up to tease you! You really believed me?"

Thank goodness he was teasing. Could you imagine?

Oh, and BTW? Why didn't they have those white cotton things in my mouth? I will definitely ask when I go back!


Lisa said...

OMG! I cringed through the whole story!

martha - ca knitter said...

LOL... now that is funny! I hope your cheek heals quickly.