Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am back!

Crazy week...

Tuesday I woke up to a terrible mess. The twins got hungry late night and decided to make jello. With milk, flour, and a dozen eggs! The best thing about being almost 5 is that they can now clean up their own messes. Also, they now take responsibility for their actions. They totally got why I could only make toast due to the fact that everything else had been wasted. Yay for lessons learned!!!

Wednesday, we had our classes at church and all went well. And T went to ballet again and LOVED it this time.

Thursday, back at Church for a meeting, and T walks up to her teacher from last year. She is VERY pregnant. T knocks on her tummy "Hello in there? When are you coming owtta there?" Then she tries to look under her skirt!! Well...we had a long talk about boundaries after that one!

Friday, went up to pre-school and made an apple pie with J and his class. Then when I got home I talked to my friend on bedrest. Her nephew (who for all my Dallas friends goes to HYER), has a confirmed case of the swine flu! When they notiffied the school, they seemed unconcerned. Wanted to let Moms out there aware because the school took the news lightly and indicated they would not send out an allert.

Also...apparently, it is everywhere in Dallas right now. So remember to wash those hands!!!!

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pink green & southern said...

Crazy week is right! Isn't being a mom fun?!