Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello strangers!

We are having a 5 day weekend here at the Pettit home due to parent teacher conferences and Presidents day. Speaking of, T's teacher told me she needs speech therapy. Apparently, the other children cannot understand her, so it is affecting her playtime. The teacher has her repeat what she says when she answers out loud, so now she only says "I don't know". Poor thing already has a complex.

On to other news, I am pretty sure we are going to move to U.P. next summer. It just makes sense. All my friends are there, and it is so safe. Paul had it last night when we had police helicopters circling close by AGAIN. (We are too,too close to the "rough" part of East Dallas) Love Lakewood, but I would love to live in a neighborhood where my kids can play safely outside. And we could go to the U.P. pool, and the number one reason: The Schools!

Oh, did you know if you loose the cord to upload pictures for your camera, it is hard to find a new one? Surely, I am not the first person to loose a cord!


The Shabby Princess said...

Ah, enjoy UP. We can't afford to live there, but, I LOVE it. Lakewood is so nice, but, you're right, Lakewood can be so touch and go. I live in Lake Highlands, and it's the same way....

Eloise said...

Yay for UP! I hope you end up near me. We have a great block. Keep me posted on the house hunting.

You may have solved your cord crisis by now, but if not, a good solution is to buy a card reader (you can find them at Office Depot). Then you just take out your memory card and put it in the card reader to download your pictures.