Monday, September 29, 2008

Yellow Dino

This is for any Mommies that may read this. I learned so much from this program when the speaker came to my MOMS group. It can be so scary these days with kids!

One important thing she noted is that children need to know that not all strangers are “bad” and that they may indeed need to ask a stranger for help.

Spotting a Predator:
1) Predators target victims by having toys, games, etc. that match the interests of the child.
2) Predators plan their lives around attracting a victim – are obsessed with having sex with children
3) Predators justify their actions and think what they are doing is normal
4) Predators count on adults to not report their offenses
5) Predators are rarely convicted largely because children are poor witnesses
6) Predators count on parents to unknowingly send their children into dangerous situations – for example sending a younger child with an older child to the bathroom at a ballgame – older child gets tired of waiting of the younger child and returns to the parent leaving the younger child behind as an easy victim.
7) Knowledge is power

Red Flags
1) Someone enjoys being with your child more than you do
2) Older child or adult spending excessive amounts of time with a particular child
3) Gives toys and gifts
4) Child talks about new places that you did not introduce
5) Person comes around regularly to watch the child and “give you a break”
6) Person singles out your child
7) Person stares at your child

Tricky People
- If you are more than 21 feet away from your child you will not be able to get to them in time
- Teaching your children the anatomically correct words for their body parts make them less of a target – predators look for children who will not be able to accurately report what happened
- Teach your children that NO means NO. Give your child permission to say no and allow your children to understand and follow their instincts
- Teach your child that there are no secrets in your family (and teach that there is a difference between secrets and surprises). If someone tells them “Don’t tell” it should be a signal to tell someone.
- Have your child practice taking 3 steps back and “running like the wind” if they are faced with an uncomfortable situation
- Practice breaking away from a kidnapper without appearing that they are throwing a tantrum. Yell “This is not my MOMMY/DADDY/SISTER/Etc.”


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wow. that is pretty scary how tricky the predators are. thank you so much for sharing this. I am sorry I have not responded to the "tag". i am new to all of this!

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Thanks for visiting my blog. I bet your brother had a good time at Sewanee! Thanks for the predator tips