Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was tagged

I was tagged by The Beaufort Lookout

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1. I have been sailing since I was 3. I had my first nationals when I was 7, in New Orleans.

2. On that same trip, New Orleans was hosting the World's Fair.

3. I am very clumsy, always have been. Yet, I used to Ice skate when I was little. Needless to say, it did not last very long after I got to the level when you start jumps.

4. I always wanted twins. When I was little, I even had twin girl/ boy cabbage patch twin dolls.

5. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. This is probably because my birthday is November 2nd.

6. My parents did not go, or send us to Sunday School, or Church. Because of this, I make sure we take the twins to Sunday School and Church every Sunday. I find it funny when my Mom is surprised when I don't know basic Bible stories. But I am learning more every day. I even taught Sunday school this past Sunday!

7. I was married for 6 months in 1998. BIG mistake, even bigger wedding. I am talking HUGE! But was nothing like my wedding to Paul. I am happy about that. Our wedding was intimate and personal. It was more about us, than a giant party.

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Mom x 2 said...

You won the SATC dvd - email me with your address!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Sailing, that's so neat! My hubby says I run into things, I say I don't and I especially never used to, ha! Great job on teaching Sunday school, that's awesome!

Mojito Maven said...

Hey!! Here is the best way to add a 3rd column to your blog...it is a step by step process and very easy to do (also using the find/search function will help)


after you do that you'll need to adjust your margins so go here for that


Try this and if you're still struggling I can try and go into your HTML code to do it but it's going to have to wait a few weeks because I'm going to be on business travel and then Chicago for a wedding...let me know if that works for you.

Happy Wednesday!