Friday, March 27, 2009

I am rockin' the shoppin' deals!!

Lilly Pulitzer shortalls for T....$16

Two polo's for J...2 for $18

Pale yellow shorts for J...$6

Vineyard Vines polo for J...$10

Lilly skirt for T...$6

But then I screwed it all up when I took a slew of polo's to the Monogram shop. They went from $3 to $10 a shirt. Oh well, for awhile I was on a roll!

My next project?

Learn how to use a sewing machine that monograms.


Preppy Sue said...

Congrats on those great deals!

Kappa Prep said...

What great deals and hey since the shirts were so cheap you can afford the monograms!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

OR get an LL Bean Visa card and everything is monogrammed FREE (boat totes, polo shirts, etc.) and shipping is free too. Plus you build up lots of points towards coupons with all Visa purchases. I've gotten tons of gifts that way.