Monday, August 10, 2009

Smartie pants...

So now that J is learning to read, he is convinced he can read EVERYTHING! (sigh)

This is pretty cute. What is not cute anymore, although I am sure I will get over it quickly, every word he sees he sounds out the letters. The first two hundred times it was adorable. "D...da da da...D and and That spells DOG!!!"

But then he spells something wrong, like when I tried to tell him the sign said Albertson's not alligator.... Even after he spends a good TEN yes TEN minutes out front of the store refusing to go in until he has sounded it out. (And sounds it out wrong) Because clearly Albertson's is NOT alligator, and then he squeals that we have to get outta there cause Alligators love to eat little kids. Meanwhile my patience has run out, and I am forced to drag him in so I can buy a flipping gallon of milk. At this point a ten minute trip has turned into 30 minute trip and I am worn out. (BTW, T is being a perfect angel through all of this)

I hear a voice behind me "Honey, they are only little once, try to enjoy them! Look they are sooo sweet!" Says the elderly woman who clearly does not remember this phase. At this point both children are smiling sweetly at her as if she is going to produce lollipops. And they were dead on because she did!! Thank goodness she turned away quickly so I could snatch the lollipops out of their hands before they can get the wrappers off. Lets face it, these kids are not going to eat candy from a stranger no matter how sweet she seems... Thank goodness at check out, the girl gave them neon PAID FOR stickers to put on their shirts. Most appropriate, don't you think?


Anonymous said...


You are a hoot!


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